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RAL P1 + P2 Set – the complete RAL PLASTICS range

300 plastic colours, compare and combine: The complete set in three cases gives access to the complete RAL PLASTICS colour selection. P1 contains the 100 most requested colours of the RAL CLASSIC collection. P2 complements 160 opaque and, as a special feature, 40 transparent RAL DESIGN colours. The result: a convincing template for colour design in the area of plastics.

RAL P1 + P2 Set

All 300 RAL PLASTICS colours in three protective cases.

  • The 100 most important CLASSIC colours and the 200 most important RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours in one set
  • Binding colour sample for plastics in RAL CLASSIC
  • Binding colour sample for plastics in RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus


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