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reBirth of Culture

RAL Colour Feeling sees itself as an impetus in the field of colour in the fields of application design and architecture.

Together with the IIT Institute International Trendscouting at the HAWK Hildesheim, RAL developed several colour worlds, one of which was worked out as an example and specifies the theme of this issue. RAL Colour Feeling 2020+ shows the colour world reBirth of Culture.

The complete PDF of the current issue can be downloaded here.

„A trend towards familiar colours and shapes is being created from the development of digital technology.“
The simplicity and reduction of pure shapes and smooth surfaces that seem to be almost perfect are combined with impulses from different, co-existing ethnologies. This creates an authentic mix from well-known examples in all cultures and epochs until the 1960s, which recounts a familiar, truthful story to us in a new way.


Similar to the era of the Renaissance in the 15th/16th century, an upheaval is now taking place, in which individual, cultural values are being revived. There is a glance back at a typical idealised world, taking its inspiration from the areas of handicraft, tradition and nature. These impulses are converted in an almost perfect and idealised form into a gentle, pure visual appearance with an apparently flawless effect.

In an unordered world, which seems to increasingly move away from familiar patterns, an ordered glance back at the past has a beneficial, calming effect. The world of the reBirth of Culture has a correspondingly sensual, familiar emphasis. New aesthetics combine the familiar language of the past with an advanced vision of the future.


These developments are announced through the digital impression of shapes and surfaces. The feel is accessible, homogeneous and matt. The digital age develops from something abstract into human and optimistic aesthetics with its own, soft language of shape, which is expressed in an almost artificial perfection of the surface. Inspired by the past, future technologies merge with well-known design languages and human reality. Design expands its pursuit of being true to materials and remains simply and calmingly soft to the touch, emphasised by colour.

The method of the IIT is based on a comprehensive scouting process. The building blocks have grown in a demand-oriented manner in over 10 years and have been continuously optimized. Due to the semi - annual scouting in large trend panels based on approximately 20000 images each, the IIT has a large database and corresponding experience in the Evaluation of phenomena, trends and styles in terms of colour and surface.


The system provides a repeatability and traceability. The results of the 2019 process can be found summarized in the current publication. Further method steps will be added here over time.


The translation of the main colours in CMYK, RGB and HEX can be found here.

A colour library file .ASE can be found here.

A list of RAL main and secondary colours can be found here.